Our Total Mezzanine Floor Service

Our Total Mezzanine Floor Service

Total Mezzanine Floors are dedicated in helping you every step of the way to ensure you make the correct decisions for your business. Every solution is completely geared to your business.

Step 1 Initial Consultation.

This is completely Free of Charge. It can begin with a telephone call or email and develop on site. We will listen to what you are trying to achieve and advise on the most cost effective way of achieving this within the strict guidelines we adhere to. It may be a mezzanine floor is not the right solution for you.

Step 2 Full Site Survey

Once we understand your objectives we will look closely at your building, your operation and your future plans. We will establish what is possible prior to providing your quotation

Step 3 Detailed Quotation

This will give full details of our proposal along with all the costs involved. We may offer some alternatives to allow you to decide on the best solution for your business.

Our service to this point is completely Free of Charge with no obligation for you to take this project further.

Step 4 Place Order

If and when you are completely happy with our proposal and all the costs involved, an order will begin the process delivering your floor.

  • A full working drawing will be produced for your approval. This will be generated after a more detailed survey by our engineer to ensure no factors have been overlooked.
  • Then then manufacturing process will begin. All floors are bespoke and made to order, though are made from standard products, so the lead time is typically 3-4 weeks from your approval of the drawing.
  • Liaising with you we will agree an installation date and programme and reserve our labour for these dates.

Step 5 Building Regulations Approval

Mezzanine Floors require Building Regulations Approval. You can apply for this yourself, though most customers ask us to do this on their behalf. These regulations ensure you and we follow all the Health and Safety guidelines related to the use of the floor, access onto and off the floor, fire precautions on and under the floor along with the basic structural calculations which ensure your floor is designed to safely do the job it is built for.

Step 6 Installation

Our experienced installers will work with you to minimise any disruption to your operation. You will be amazed how quickly the floor is built.

Step 7 Extra Services / Handover.

After a full inspection, and any snagging is completed, we will hand the floor over to you. We can organise your lighting and other electrical fittings if required, though most customers use their own electricians. We will be happy to provide a quotation for building offices, provide shelving, barriers, or any other equipment on or under the floor