Mezzanine Flooring Staircases

Mezzanine floors are great for increasing the space you have within your business. A mezzanine is a raised platform that can be used for a number of purposes such as additional space to hold stock, archiving area or to add additional offices to allow you to employ more members of staff. With every mezzanine floor you will need a way up and down to the floor and most people install a steel mezzanine staircase. This is an important part of your mezzanine project and should be discussed at the same time that the mezzanine flooring is quoted for.

Mezzanine Stairs

Building Regulations for Mezzanine Staircases

There are certain health and safety / building regulations that mezzanine floors and mezzanine staircasesneed to comply to, so it is vital to choose a mezzanine flooring company that has experience and that you can trust.
Each floor and mezzanine staircase we design is bespoke to your business so you can be certain that it will be designed to suit your requirements and do the job it needs to. Not all mezzanine floor cases have to look industrial, if you want a staircase leading up to offices then the staircases can be covered with an array of materials to allow to look and feel to match your existing business premises.

Our expert mezzanine flooring installers can advise you on the current building regulations relating to the installation of mezzanine staircases and what is required to ensure that your project complies. If you have a project that is a little complex, we are happy to come to your premises and talk through different options available to you to give you the best solution with no obligation to buy.

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